A Turnkey Way to Source New Suppliers for Existing and New Products – at a Lower Cost

Simple Customer Success Story
Eskimo Hut
The Challenges

Eskimo Hut needed alternative suppliers for paper and disposable products due to the increased frequency of stockouts of critical products from their current vendors. They were not equipped with a purchasing department to do the necessary legwork to find and vet new suppliers’ products they use in their business every day. In addition to finding vendors with similar products, they also sought  better pricing on these products to help save on costs and improve their overall profitability.

The Solution

Simple provided Eskimo Hut with purchasing services to find additional vendors that could deliver the paper and disposable products they needed at competitive prices. The Simple Team went to work identifying new vendors that carried similar products. Vendors sent Simple their products and pricing along with their business terms. The Simple platform then organized this information, identifying potential savings opportunities. Through Simple’s purchasing analysis, Eskimo Hut was given several vendor options for their products to minimize the impact of stockouts. Most importantly, Simple was able to provide Eskimo Hut with opportunities to save 20% and more on overall product costs.

The Simple Difference

HQ Rollup view of analytics to identify key savings opportunities on frequently purchased products

Opened the door with new vendors for ongoing quoting on selected products

20%+ in overall savings on selected products

Increased vendor sourcing for disposables

"Working with the Simple team was eye opening! I honestly didn’t think they would be able to save a significant amount, but after a few meetings they were able to show us a huge potential savings on our disposables and supplies, along with added tools to manage substitutable items, inventory control, and purchasing trends. It was a no-brainer to move forward. Highly recommended!”

Brian Dobbins Vice President