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Simple Customer Success Story
Skrimp Shack
The Challenges

Seafood price and quality is highly volatile even in normal times.  With COVID and the resulting supply chain issues. it became even more challenging.  Seafood restaurant franchisor Skrimp Shack had to figure out how to maintain the high quality of the seafood Skrimp Shack patrons had become accustomed to and they also had to ensure that their franchisees were able to deliver that high quality profitably.  To achieve these goals, Kevin Harrison (Co-Owner) and Kyle Rowley (Director of Operations) needed to have a constant feed of accurate, near-real-time data on inventory, ingredients, menu prices to name just a few. They had to ensure their franchisees were ordering and receiving the right items at the right prices and be able to advise each franchisee on making informed decisions on menu price changes, swapping out ingredients and even removing items from the menu.  With prices soaring they knew that every day that passed without a solution could mean significant financial losses for them and for their franchisees.  Failure was not an option.  Unfortunately, other solutions they’d looked at were either too hard to use or lacked all the functionality they sought.  The time was now to get intimate understanding of plated costs and margins and be certain their suppliers were honoring their pricing agreements across multiple geographies.  Equally important, the solution they chose needed to be an easy-to-use BOH solution that could be implemented and quickly adopted at all of their locations.

The Solution

Simple was the answer.  For Kevin and Kyle, Simple’s invoice processing services delivered powerful, real time HQ purchasing analytics allowing them to better understand their spending and to find opportunities to control supply costs so they could help franchisees maintain their profitability in these very difficult inflationary times.

Simple delivered additional capabilities to the stores like  Invoice Processing, Vendor Management, Product Management, Centralized Vendor Ordering, Inventory and Recipe capabilities – all the functionality they needed to stay ahead of the curve on cost, quality, and timeliness. Equally important, Simple was so easy to use that adoption was universal among all of Skrimp Shack’s restaurants. Skrimp Shack implemented Simple’s easy-to-use inventory and recipe costing modules at the location level to accurately track inventory, waste, ingredient cost and recipe margins in real time. Thanks to Simple, Kevin and Kyle were able to maintain the high quality Skrimp Shack’s patrons were used to while delivering strong financial results for their franchisees and for HQ.

The Simple Difference

Easy-to-use tool driving higher adoption and usage

Data-driven insights leading to more knowledgeable purchasing

Data-driven insights leading to more knowledgeable purchasing

One-stop shop for key back of the house operational tools

"Simple has provided an easy end to end solution. The data insights provided by Simple allowed for us to dive into spending to find inconsistent pricing on identical products across locations. We have tried other systems in our organization but have found Simple hands down to be the easiest to use. From invoice processing to inventory and recipes, our staff has quickly adopted the Simple way to key back-of-the-house operations.”

Kyle Rowley Director of Operations