Simple is Restaurant Software Your Team Will Use... And Love!

Introducing Simple, the new standard for integrated software and purchasing for restaurant groups that everyone loves — from store to HQ.
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Why does everyone love Simple?

  • Real-time, clear visibility into your financial performance

  • Enterprise software that is powerful and easy to use

  • Feature-rich software that even your store employees will love

Did we mention how easy Simple is to use?

New Standard
Invoice Processing
Real-Time Reporting & Market Intelligence
Proprietary Bidding

Proprietary Purchasing Software and Service.

Give your purchasing director the support they’re looking for.  Don’t have a purchasing director?  We’ll manage the purchasing process for you!

  • Manage and approve products, vendor bids, and purchasing decisions at the HQ level.

  • Send out RFPs and Simple will do the math for you. No more spreadsheets to manage bids.

  • We’ll alert you when bids are received.  We do all the math for you… You decide what to buy.

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“I can’t do my job without timely, good information. This requires a partnership and buy-in by the store level leadership. Our store level employees love the simplicity of Simple and embrace it versus other systems with similar functionality that they rejected because they were hard to use.”

B. Brian Martin CFO, The Bungalow

Painless Invoice Processing.

Digitize and organize all your invoices in one place.

  • Streamline your entire invoice processing cycle and reconcile your books in record time.

  • Use Simple’s invoice processing and coding service to manage Vendors, audit price changes and optimize your operations.

  • Detailed, auto-coded invoices save your location team's valuable time and eliminate costly human errors.

  • Seamlessly export data to your accounting platform and save countless hours of manual entry each week.

  • Simple expedites payment to your vendors and sends data, in real-time, back to HQ for on-going analysis

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Leverage Proprietary Business & Market Intelligence.

Real-time business insights and market benchmarking that makes your operations run more smoothly – and profitably

  • Simple enables all stakeholders, from finance to operations, to proactively run the business.

  • Simple centralizes all your data, providing enterprise-wide visibility of every detail and dollar spent.

  • Drive effective purchasing with unprecedented analysis at the vendor, category, and product level across all your locations.

  • Benchmark your prices to other similar operators in your markets.

  • Keep your data up-to-date and use the power of Simple to continually improve your margins and increase your profits.

  • Never be in the dark again and let margin erosion get a grip on your bottom line.

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“The data insights provided by Simple allowed for us to dive into spending to find inconsistent pricing on identical products across locations.”

Kyle Rowley Director of Operations, Skrimp Shack

Centralize Ordering & Receiving Process

Save your employees time and money like never before across your entire company

  • Improve order accuracy by 85%, and reduce ordering time at each of your locations by 2 hours or more per week.

  • Send approved products, pricing, and vendors to your locations using Simple’s ‘Digital Order Guides’.

  • Use Simple’s ‘1 Click’ ordering functionality to send orders to multiple vendors all at once, saving your team's valuable time.

  • Centralize Vendors and Products in one view, in real time.

  • Approve vendors and negotiate contract pricing.

  • Push approved vendors and pricing down to store level order guides.

  • Manage the audit process to confirm compliance of product fill rate and contract pricing by vendor.

“I have been using Simple's centralized ordering for the past 5 years and it has allowed me to streamline all ordering down to a single easy-to-use platform.  I no longer need to spend time training my staff on multiple vendor platforms saving significant time.”

Paul Meckler Operations Manager, Oakfire Pizza

Track Inventory with Easy-to-Use Tools

Record-keeping has never been easier.

  • A simple, easy to you inventory process that mirrors pen to paper making it easy to train and get adopted.

  • Real-time inventory costing updated by orders and invoice processing.

  • Powerful reporting allows you to easily track inventory costs by storage area, category and product.

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Real-Time Recipe Costing

Manage menu pricing and costs in real time with confidence.

  • Organize your recipes for real-time costing to optimize margins.

  • Simple’s does all the math calculating yields and conversions.

  • Recipe costs are automatically updated in real time with your orders and invoice processing.

  • Track changes in costs down to the ingredient level.

You want to thrive in the digital age? Make it Simple.