Restaurants are hungry to meet you.

Simple is the industry’s first online marketplace to allow you to do personalized marketing at scale while protecting both your brand and your data.

Leverage Powerful Customer & Category Data.

  • Simple’s proprietary market intelligence enables you to see your market more clearly than ever before.

  • Get a comprehensive view of who’s using your products, how much they’re buying, and what they’re buying from others.

  • We’ll Track your percentage market share by category by distributor and see where there’s opportunity to grow your brand.

  • Use real purchase data to effectively engage new and existing customers in more relevant and personalized ways.

  • Measure customer response in real time and make smart marketing decisions based on real data.

How It Works

Tell Your Story.
Create your Simple digital storefront in minutes to let restaurants know more about you, your products, where they can buy them and special offers.
Access Customer Insights.
Use Simple’s powerful business intelligence to understand customer needs.
Sell Smarter.
Grow sales more efficiently in every geography.

Connect To Customers On The Simple Marketplace and Influence Purchasing Decisions

  • Easily publish brand catalogs by Distributor. Let your products start selling themselves.

  • Upload product descriptions, photos, pricing, recipes, videos and more to engage and entice customers.

  • Simple’s advanced search engine makes it easy for customers to find your products and know where to buy them.

  • Personalize offers, discounts, rebates and samples to specific restaurant geographies — giving them more reasons to choose your brand and products over the competition.

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Connect Customers to Your Distribution Partners.

  • Help restaurants more easily purchase your products from the right distributors

  • All your product catalogs are uploaded and organized intuitively and available to restaurants 24/7/365

  • Simples helps your distributor lower their selling costs. Everybody wins!

Unlock More Selling Opportunities.

  • Simple keeps you up-to-date on market, regional and pricing trends.

  • Proactively connect with new customers they haven’t accessed yet.

  • Target customers that are actively buying and searching for products like yours with unparalleled precision.

Ready to reach thousands of restaurants directly? Make it Simple.