Hey Richmond Chefs and Owners - Tired of paying too much for just about everything?

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It starts with getting real time data on all of your purchasing…

  • Know Your Spending Health.

    Simple shows you which prices are up or down – and by how much – across vendor, category, and product so you always know what’s affecting profitability.

  • Know How You Compare.

    Want to know how your prices compare to other restaurants in your area? Simple does that, too.

“I love using Simple123, especially for price checking. I don’t have to spend my Sundays going through emails and price lists. I have it all in one place.”

Nyesha Arrington Leona and Native

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purchasing like
a pro.

With Simple, managing the purchasing process the right way takes hundreds of hours annually. You don’t have the time, people or software to take care of it. Simple’s proprietary bidding finds you the best prices for the products you want from qualified suppliers, including the ones you know and use. It’s like having your very own purchasing department.

With Simple, you’ll save at least 5% in annual costs. We guarantee it.

And Simple saves you countless hours on admin. Everything you need to streamline the purchasing process is built in. No more stacks of paper and order sheets. Access all your vendors, products and deals in one place, online.

Aren’t you ready for some peace of mind?

“Simple has changed the way I approach the purchasing and ordering process for my company”.

Michael Mina, Founder, Michael Mina Group

Join the movement and increase your buying power

The Purchase Network by Simple is not only a proprietary technology that pools your purchases with other restaurants in your area to get greater volume discounts for everyone while delivering more sales to distributors – it’s a new way of thinking about growing your business more profitably than ever. And with Simple, you won’t have to give up on quality, selection or preferences in order to get better prices.

Join the Purchase Network by Simple and tell your friends in the business! There’s strength and power in numbers!

To get you started, the only thing we need to deliver you better pricing is your invoices.

How it works:

Take pictures of your invoices on your mobile phone and upload them to Simple.


Automatically codes, organizes, and syncs them with your Quickbooks online account in real time.


Get your Purchase Summary and see how you compare to others.

Software Everyone

Chefs have no time for admin and complicated software. Simple was designed to be easy-to-use and easy to train on. And with Simple, order accuracy increases by 85%.

“Our employees love the simplicity of Simple and embrace it, versus other systems with similar functionality that they rejected that were hard to use.”

B. Brian Martin CFO, The Bungalow
We Get It. We Get You.

We’ve been in your shoes. The Simple team and investors include some of the industry’s most successful people. They know first hand what it means to struggle in a broken system. They brought their deep knowledge of all the trade secrets that help small business owners have the tools previously reserved only for large organizations. That knowledge is built into Simple.

Do less admin. Do more of what you love.